There is no doubt that juggling all the statutory demands places a tremendous pressure on Estates and Facilities Managers. The current demands on those responsible for Fire Safety has been increasing since the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 was implemented. The need to carry out compliant fire risk assessments (FRAs) on all public properties has meant other significant tasks have taken a back seat and in some cases have been delayed to the point where they are not carried out correctly if at all.

The HFC/Nulogic Client Managed solution not only ensures the FRAs are completed in a fully compliant manner but has the ability to save time and release the highly skilled assessor to meet other demands, this time saving can be as much as 30% of what would have been spent on FRA. Anecdotally Trusts have told us that this can amount to as much as a week or more per year of real time savings.

To understand more about how this is achieved see our key points summary here (PDF, 335Kb) – and for more detailed information we are happy to provide a no obligation on-site demonstration. Contact us or call us on 01327 227166 to speak to a member of the team at HFC.