Our autumn 2013 survey showed that EFM colleagues across the NHS rate the following issues as major priorities:

  • making the best possible use of the estate, including greater efficiencies
  • reconfiguration of the estate
  • safeguarding and improving the condition of the estate including statutory compliance and meeting CQC Standards 10 and 11
  • managing rising energy costs
  • responding to budget constraints
  • justifying spend and investment on the estate to colleagues in other sectors
  • ensuring that staff are well trained and have access to best practice solutions

To help you tackle these challenges, HFC has developed a range of services and products for colleagues in Estates and Facilities Management. Members get the following benefits, which help you save money, save time and get better results:

Performance Analysis [INCLUDED in Membership]

  • Annual performance review in key areas based on data submitted to the ERIC data collection system
  • Trend analysis dating back to 1996
  • Assess how your Trust is performing alongside others of a similar size and function
  • As an additional service, we can facilitate the further sharing of data and better working practices in smaller groups to enable cost efficiencies

FM Document Exchange [FREE to Members]

  • A library of 330+ policies, procedures, guidance notes and job descriptions sourced from NHS organisations and often Board approved
  • Helps reduce ‘reinvention of the wheel’, making significant time and cost savings for Members and promoting sharing ideas and standards
  • Covers a wide range of Estates and Facilities topics and subject areas
  • Securely hosted online and search-enabled to be quick and easy to access

Apollo-FM [Preferential rate for Members]

  • Fully web based system - nothing to download and no extra licences to purchase
  • One annual licence covers the whole package - so no unpleasant surprises at invoice time!
  • Mobile working for tradestaff to raise and process jobs remotely - it works on any make or model of device capable of running a browser with a network connection, no special apps to download or install!
  • Helpdesk with online call logging
  • Dashboard system to graphically analyse and represent data
  • Capable of linking to and integrating with disparate databases
  • If you have an existing system, chances are we can import the data into Apollo-FM
  • Evolved over many years use in the NHS with ongoing input from the NHS staff who use it

Communications and Networking [FREE to Members]

  • Hear the latest news and receive updates on our latest activities and courses in our quarterly newsletter
  • Receive bulletins about upcoming E&FM courses from our Training Partners, Grovenbridge Academy
  • Topic themed update e-mails covering subjects such as new website features, upcoming events, Member surveys and sharing key news in between newsletters
  • New website features coming soon will improve interaction between Members and with the staff team
  • We’re always happy to hear from our Members so that we can better represent you in a number of forums; let us know what the key issues are for you, where you might need help or if you have a question – we have an established network of commercial contacts and we can ask your fellow members in the HFC community for their help, views and experiences

Representation [FREE to Members]

  • We represent our members at a range of events covering topics as diverse as fire safety, training and car parking on healthcare premises
  • We contribute to everything from day events to policy documents and Parliamentary Briefing Notes to ensure the voice of E&FM in healthcare is heard

Training and Courses [50% discount on scheduled courses and preferential rates on bespoke courses for Members]

  • Range of courses specifically designed to support Estates and Facilities on key issues to get the most from your assets
  • We can also offer bespoke courses tailored to specific Trust requirements, at your offices to reduce costs and promote team working
  • As a CELL Approved Training Centre we provide academic courses designed to raise standards, awareness and skill levels amongst Estates and Facilities Management staff at all levels in the healthcare environment
  • Ofqual accredited courses in Driving Cost Improvement (Level 3) and Premises Assurance (Level 5) provide transportable qualifications that count as credits towards higher qualifications with recognising organisations
  • We must comply with the tough standards required of CELL and Ofqual to maintain our Approved status and that of our courses

Fire Risk Assessment [Preferential rate for Members]

  • Access to a fully managed service covering everything required to deliver peace of mind through a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment with 3 stage quality control processes built in; we provide everything from the qualified assessors to do the surveys through to the tablets and software to collect and analyse the data
  • Already have your own staff to conduct Fire Risk Assessments? We can offer a software only solution or a hybrid system supplying only the elements you need from the menu of the fully managed service
  • Advanced reporting and action tracking facilities provide comprehensive data analysis and assessment tools putting you in control

Critical Asset Management [Preferential rate for Members]

  • In development for launch later in 2015, this innovative product will electronically monitor and report on fire detection devices to give you total control over their testing and maintenance at all times
  • Quickly assess the cleanliness of devices, identify potential faults and ensure tests are carried out to the required frequency
  • Manufacturer independent so it will work with devices of different brands on the same system
  • Use the system to control the maintenance of your fire alarm system or audit the effectiveness of testing: either way this product can save you money!

Becoming a Member

To join HFC and start gaining from this benefit package immediately, contact us using our online enquiry form.