For many years HFC has provided its members with access to a library of NHS derived policies, procedures and guidance notes as part of its membership package for healthcare organisations. The FM Document Exchange is a shared resource for our NHS members from around the UK, providing a starting point for members to reduce ‘reinventing the wheel’ when writing their own policies and procedures – significantly reducing the amount of time and effort, and sharing good ideas more widely. Although HFC does not vet, endorse or approve any of the documents provided, as a majority of them are Board approved by the organisation submitting them, members can appreciate the value of the documents provided.

The library now contains several hundred documents and to ensure that they are as relevant and up to date as possible, we are now systematically going through each topic and the related documents – we welcome ideas for themes as well as your latest documents. You can find a list of all the categories and topics listed within each here (PDF, 78Kb).

Please therefore send us as many of your policies, procedures or guidance notes as you can – in parallel, we will be using our own research to find what are the latest documents and other useful materials.

We are also very keen to ensure we cover any new issues, so please send us your thoughts on this as well.

Please e-mail your documents and suggestions to us by Friday 24th February 2017.