Since its inception in 1996, HFC has provided each of its member organisations with annual benchmarking summaries and trend reports based on the (now publicly available) ERIC data and some supplementary financial data issued to us by the Department of Health (DH).

Over the years this analysis has been amended based on changes to the ERIC question set (usually involving the removal of questions). Despite this, we have been able to maintain the core analysis year on year to ensure the data’s consistency and relevance to our members.

Although benchmarking has been at the heart of HFC since its inception we are aware the environment is changing and the introduction of initiatives such as the Carter Report require a different approach to reviewing data.

During the coming year we will be looking at how we can adapt our benchmarking service to help members make full and meaningful use of the data available. We will be asking members, by way of a short questionnaire, how they would like to see this emerge. However, if you have any immediate suggestions we would love to hear from you.