Getting the Most from the Estate | the Latest on Training Courses

In January we held the latest in our ongoing series of NHS Premises Assurance Management (PAM) courses in the East Midlands, in association with our Training Partner, Grovenbridge Academy.

The course provides Trust Directors and staff with valuable information on how to use Premises Assurance to best effect, so that they can be confident that they know the information requirements for NHS PAM to be used effectively and the processes required to ensure that Board Governance is properly established and maintained.

The course considers the 5 domains in NHS PAM and the relationships between them; the involvement of staff at all levels in the process; the impact of Estates & Facilities on safety and clinical services; the information requirements for NHS PAM to be used effectively and the processes to ensure that Board Governance is properly established and maintained.

The aims of the event are to build:

  • an understanding of the roles and responsibilities in the implementation of NHS PAM within a Trust, including Board Governance
  • knowledge of information available and skills in extracting and considering the use of such information in practice, discerning that which is valid for use within NHS PAM
  • an understanding of Key Performance Indicators and their use in Trend Analysis and Peer Review for business/service planning and their application in NHS PAM
  • ability to review the outputs of NHS PAM and identify possible areas of improvement for implementation within a business plan
  • the skills and confidence of individuals in their ability to perform their role for the benefit of their employing organisation

The course also leads to a CELL Level 5 Award in Estates & Facilities Information Management: Premises Assurance (QCF), which is regulated by Ofqual and supported by HefmA and Skills for Health as the Sector Skills Council for Health. Delegates have the option to sit a short end of day assessment in order to receive the Level 5 Award.

Ofqual accreditation reflects the NVQ training scale. This ranges from 1-7, with 7 being the highest (degree level). A Level 5 Award therefore represents a high level of qualification – as well as giving participants knowledge and skills they can use in their work, it also gives the Trust the opportunity to up-skill its staff and give them a tangible, nationally recognised qualification which is transferable from post to post.

The event was very well received by delegates: here’s what some of the delegates had to say about it:

Very useful background to PAM. More confident to be able to complete PAM following the course.
Engaging, with well integrated and relevant use of anecdotes re-iterating each point explicitly. Respectful yet clear explanations of terminology and concepts. Clear visual aids and relaxed atmosphere facilitate learning.
Very well presented, presented in an enthusiastic manner.

The cost of this one day course is £300 + VAT per delegate but HFC has agreed a special 50% discount with Grovenbridge Academy, making the fee just £150 + VAT per delegate for organisations which are members of HFC.

To take part and gain the benefits for your own organisation, please e-mail us, phone us on 01327 227166 or complete an enquiry form.

Venues are chosen at different locations around the country throughout the year to give everyone a chance to attend a course close to them. However, we can provide the course at your own premises if you have six or more members of your team/joining with a neighbouring Trust, either leading to the qualification or customised to meet your local needs: this can save you money as well as time. Contact us via e-mail or call us on 01327 227166 to find out more.