Save Time and Money | The New FM Document Exchange

The FM Document Exchange concept is simple; it is a library of policies, procedures, guidance notes and associated documents contributed by HFC Members willing to share them with their NHS colleagues in other HFC Member organisations. This means that we can host a shared pool of material including many documents that have been approved at Board level. The aim of the FM Document Exchange is to save our Members’ time and money and to enable them to share good ideas by focusing on the many issues that NHS Estates and Facilities Management colleagues have to address, including asbestos, legionella, car parking, transport plans, energy management, fire safety, medical gases and waste management.

You may have noticed that the HFC website has recently been given a new look. This includes the ever-popular FM Document Exchange and it gives us more flexibility to deliver new features and improve those you already in place. We have made the Exchange quicker and easier to maintain whilst retaining its ease of use for our Members.

Accessing the new FM Document Exchange is easy:

  1. Go to and click ‘Login’ on left of the menu bar at the top of the screen,
  2. Login using your usual username and password and go to ‘Knowledge Hub’ > ‘FM Document Exchange’ using the menu bar. If you have forgotten your login details, there is a ‘Lost your password?’ link at the bottom of the login box. If you don’t have a password, please e-mail us to discuss your options for access the Members’ area of the website,
  3. Click the green ‘FM Document Exchange’ button,
  4. Click the Category and then the Topic you are interested in to see the list of documents relating to that Category/Topic combination,
  5. Click the document name or document type symbol to the left of its title to download the document.


After clicking the green FM Document Exchange button (step 3 above) and dependent on your access level, you may receive a message explaining how you can gain access to this section of the website.

Access to the FM Document Exchange is free for HFC Member organisations but access is granted by application; details of how to apply are displayed in the ‘How to Join’ section when you click the green button.


To the top left of the Category list is your current position in the Category/Topic hierarchy. Click on any level within this structure to go directly to that page.

RSS Feed

Click the small grey ‘RSS’ button to the left of any Category heading in the list to subscribe to an RSS feed for that Category and be notified when new Topics are added to it. Click the same button with a Topic list displayed to subscribe to an RSS feed for that Topic and be notified when new documents are added to it.

Alternatively, to the right of the Category/Topic hierarchy mentioned above is a small orange ‘RSS feed’ icon; use this to receive an RSS feed of the Category/Topic/document list displayed at the time that the button is pressed. This will allow you to track additions to specific Category, Topic or document lists.


We would like to hear your suggestions for additional features that you feel would enhance or improve the FM Document Exchange experience. For example, a previous version included documents listed in Category/Topic order (as they are now) but also in a sequential order so that the most recent additions to the list could be easily identified. Was this second list useful or would a short list of the most recently added documents do the same job?

E-mail us to let us know your views.

Problems or Questions

Let us know if you have any questions or problems accessing the FM Document Exchange.