A New Approach to Fire Risk Assessment

HFC Members have access to a range of services that are developed to provide high quality solutions and offer cost savings. As the selection process meets procurement regulations, Members can use them without having to take time out to go out to tender: this means Members can get cost effective, high quality solutions, quickly and without incurring the time and cost of tendering.

HFC has for a number of years partnered with Nulogic Fire Limited, one of the leading providers of fire safety systems and consultancy to the public sector. We are delighted to offer our Members one of the most effective methods of achieving a compliant Fire Risk Assessment (FRA).

To comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) there is a legal obligation on all landlords with relevant accommodation to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment. Prior to 2005, local fire authorities issued fire certificates. However, the Order places the responsibility for identifying and remedying any issues firmly with the organisation itself. Every 'responsible person' has to prove that they have provided adequate and reasonable safety precautions specific to their premises: employers, owners, landlords or occupiers of all non-domestic premises are classed as the ‘responsible person’. Failure to comply is punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.

The responsible person must:

  • Carry out a fire risk assessment, and regularly review it
  • Use the results of the assessment to identify and evaluate risks and put in place – and maintain - adequate and appropriate fire safety measures including steps to eliminate or minimise the risk from fire as far as is reasonably possible, as well as plans to deal with any emergency
  • Ensure that all employees have adequate fire safety training and that this is regularly updated
  • Record the assessment, either in writing or stored electronically and kept retrievable

Organisations can identify their own “competent person” to carry out the assessment but must make sure that these people are fully competent. Alternatively they can commission a specialist Fire Safety consultant to carry out the assessment on their behalf. In deciding who to appoint, organisations should ensure that they are selecting someone with appropriate experience and qualifications.

This article does not cover this in detail but our technical staff are on hand to help if you are unsure what should be done.

HFC has partnered with Nulogic to offer HFC Members a high quality solution and the potential for significant time and cost savings, as well as confidence in dealing with one of the most important risks facing any organisation. Clients who use our system choose us because we offer comprehensive failsafe methodology together, drawn from our comprehensive experience across the whole range of fire safety issues.

The key to a successful Fire Risk Assessment is what you do with the information and how you manage the on-going investment strategy to remain compliant. To reflect the different levels of capacity and experience within NHS bodies, the HFC/Nulogic programme is available in two forms: Fully Managed and Client Managed.

Fully Managed Option

With this option the user invests in the HFC/Nulogic assessment team who provide the client with all the features described above, full back office support and training where required.

The Client Managed Option

This option is selected by clients who are confident that the assessment process is satisfactory but want to benefit from holding and managing the data in a better way.

At the heart of the system is a software package called the Assessment Tool Kit, or ATK for short.

This is made up from a number of applets that give ATK its functionality.

For basic, assessment-only contracts, we provide customers with access to their assessments online using a cut-down version of the archive applet.

However clients can up-feature the basic system by purchasing further applets. Each applet in ATK provides features grouped around one specific activity or task. The current applets available are;

  • Organisations - manage locations, properties etc.
  • Scheduler - schedule assessments and assign them to assessors
  • Archive - access to approved assessments and data analysis
  • Actions - assign, track and manage actions arising from assessments
  • Quality Assurance - review assessments submitted by assessors, edit, approve or reject
  • Users - create and manage user account, grant access to applets and features within applets
  • Tablets and assessors - manage data collection devices, assessors etc.
  • Projects - ability to create customers, projects etc.

A detailed description of each applet’s functionality is available here.

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