HFC and our training partner, Grovenbridge Academy, have been helping NHS organisations understand and find their way through the Premises Assurance process from the early days of its introduction. The main ways we can aid your understanding of the process are:

Short courses

HFC in association with Grovenbridge Academy introduced the first and, as far as we are aware, still the only Ofqual accredited NHS Premises Assurance qualification on the market. Aimed at Estates and Facilities Management (E&FM) teams and Board Members, this one-day course offers a Level 5 qualification via a short end of day assessment and it is designed to provide a good grounding for undertaking the Premises Assurance process for NHS organisations.

We can also offer a customised version of this course tailored to meet the local needs of your organisation. As this deviates from the course template we are not able to offer the qualification for this course. However, it is based on the same core material but with more emphasis on the organisation’s own data and local requirements.

As a further option, we can also provide shorter presentations for E&FM Teams and Board Members as part of your regular scheduled meetings. This is basically a condensed and abbreviated overview of the process and its purpose intended to be used as an introduction for those involved or overseeing the exercise.

Consultancy | Project management

Once the Premises Assurance process and its purpose are understood there is a need for data to be collected from various nominated representatives across the organisation. This needs to be monitored, managed and collated centrally to ensure the process meets its targets and achieves its intended objectives. HFC, again in association with Grovenbridge Academy, can provide a project manager to oversee and guide the organisation through the process with the aim of achieving agreed deadlines. Typically, we will agree a specific number of days over an extended time period during which we will work both on and off-site, attending meetings and communicating with the Premises Assurance team to ensure the data is collected and recorded in a timely manner, and that the next steps are agreed and understood by all involved.

Consultancy | Join the team

Should the guidance of our consultant not be sufficient, we can also provide consultancy on a more regular basis (usually based on a maximum number of days per week or month). Acting as an additional member of the team, our consultant combines working on site with office-based work and is actively involved in the Premises Assurance process, even taking the lead in specific areas of compliance highlighted as requiring attention during the process.

Consultancy | Position Statement

As an alternative for those organisations requiring a speedier solution, HFC has also partnered with the Birch Foundation to provide a intensive one week option. During the 5 days they are on-site, Birch will provide a thorough overview of the Premises Assurance process, it’s purpose and objectives. For the remaining 4 days they will run a series of half-day workshops looking in more detail at each of the domains that comprise the return. Also during this time, Birch will speak with your team and review the information you already hold to produce a position statement. This will give you an overview of where you are now and look at the steps required to complete the Premises Assurance process. Birch can then help you get from where you are now to where you need to be. You can read more about the Birch Foundation on their website.

As an added bonus, members of HFC also receive preferential rates on Premises Assurance training and all of the consultancy options listed above.

How we have helped other organisations

Aside from delegates attending several of our accredited one-day Premises Assurance courses around the country, there are a number of ways in which we have helped NHS organisations of various types and sizes around the country and we’ll look at those briefly below.

The large Acute Trust

A large Acute Trust in the North of England approached us asking for help to guide them through the Premises Assurance process. We were able to provide them with consultancy over an extended period of time through Grovenbridge Academy to assist in the data gathering and collation elements of the exercise. So pleased were they with the help they received from us that they have since employed our consultant on a part-time basis as a member of the team to continue his work on Premises Assurance and to take on the wider role within the Compliance Team for the Trust.

The Mental Health Partnership

In a similar way to the large Acute Trust mentioned above, this Mental Health Community Trust in the North of England sent a couple of representatives along to one of our regular courses in their area. As a result, they requested some of our consultant’s time on a call–off basis to guide them through the Premises Assurance process.

The PFI Teaching Trust

We were approached by a large PFI Trust in the East of England requesting a course for a group of their staff to act as an introduction to Premises Assurance. We were able to provide a one-day course covering the whole process customised to their local needs.

The Acute Trust

Like the PFI Teaching Trust above, this Acute Trust in the Midlands area asked for assistance to introduce the principles of Premises Assurance to its Senior Managers and Board Members. Delivered as a presentation with a Q&A session to follow, this condensed version of the full one-day course provided a concise introduction to the process and its purpose.

Both the large Acute and the Mental Health Partnership Trust mentioned above are HFC members and both received a discount on our usual consultancy day rate. Both saved money but the large Acute in particular has saved far more than their membership fee during this time period.

If you need help or guidance, or if you would like to attend one of regular courses, please get in touch with us by e-mail, by calling 01327 227166 or via our online enquiry form.
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