Make a resolution

Christmas is upon us and we are all looking forward to festive break with our loved ones and enjoying a well-earned rest.

Some of us will no doubt be making resolutions to change our lives for the better and although well meant they are more often than not forgotten quicker than they are made.

There is, however, a similar parallel with work matters. Our intentions are sound and highly productive in concept but in application we tend to become frustrated with time and resource issues and those best intentions dwindle away.

HFC can provide that extra resource to evaluate and help procure most of what you need. Working in collaboration we can help you to provide better solution.

Not only do we have access to class leading suppliers of specialist solutions such as Nulogic Fire but also a national procurement hub well versed in public sector procurement methods; Fusion21.

So let’s make at least one resolution together, that of collaboration for the coming year. Use HFC as your “go to partner“ for collaboration and let’s add value to the NHS together.

Get in touch with us by e-mail, by calling 01327 227166 or via our online enquiry form.

UPDATE: HTM07-03 NHS Car-parking management

Updated on 3rd December 2015, HTM07-03 now includes carers as an additional explicit group that are eligible for concessions in line with the recent amendments to the NHS patient, visitor and staff parking principles mentioned in the ‘News Shorts’ section of our November 2015 e-News bulletin.

Download HTM 07-03 (PDF, 72 pages, 4.11Mb)

BPA guidance: Winter maintenance in car parks

Our colleagues at the British Parking Association (BPA) have re-published ‘Parking Practice Note 35’ containing guidance for the winter maintenance of car parks.

Download guidance (PDF, 6 pages, 786Kb)