Fire Safety Management isn’t new; it’s an obligation all landlords and those with responsibilities for multi- occupancy buildings have always had. Hospitals and similar buildings present a particular challenge; not only are they usually large establishments with high numbers of staff and members of the public but there are patients who rely on others for their safety. The healthcare system is obligated to provide a duty of care to its patients; this is not simply a clinical duty but a physical one in that it must provide an environment that is safe and secure.

Since the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 there has been added emphasis placed upon the responsible person to improve the fire safety profile of their organisation.

The Fire Safety Order places the duty on responsible persons to undertake suitable and sufficient risk assessments themselves, or by nominating such competent persons to undertake them on their behalf. The significant findings identified by such assessments should then be recorded and acted upon to improve the environment in which both staff and visitors exist have access.

So far so good. However, there is little detail in the Fire Safety Order as to what “competence” looks like or how assessments are to be conducted etc. Clarification of this detail has emerged over the years from fire risk professionals advising both landlords and others in what they consider is best practice but once again this presents challenges as opinions on such matters vary significantly. In some sectors there have been a number of incidents where landlords have been found lacking in their understanding and application of the Fire Safety Order with unfortunate penal consequences. Do not take these matters lightly!

HFC has, for many years, worked with members to source the best solutions for their E&FM needs. We have done so again with Fire Risk Assessment; we have reviewed the market, looked across other sectors and engaged with Nulogic Fire Ltd who have refined and developed their service utilising the skills and extensive experience of key industry professionals. The resulting process delivers the highest level of compliance and avoids the potential for the responsible person to face criminal action for non-compliance with the Order.

Working together, we begin the process by reviewing your fire safety strategy. If required, we will assist the responsible person to amend or develop improvements to the strategy. However, the implementation is key to its success. This will be judged utilising a smart and effective fire risk assessment process, undertaken either by our highly trained assessors within our Fully Managed process or by others of your choice, using the Client Managed process.

Each assessment passes through our quality control system to ensure you are provided with the most accurate and consistently compliant recommendation. This process is undertaken by one of the county’s leading fire safety professionals who not only delivered training in fire safety engineering at the Fire Service College at Moreton in Marsh, but was also Head of Technical Fire Safety within a large metropolitan Fire and Rescue Service. Utilising a specially designed, tried and tested software support package, Nulogic has achieved exceptional performance, being able to provide a full process management service to clients in accordance with all their prioritised needs.

We can assure our members that by using the Nulogic system for fire risk assessments they will remain compliant in the most cost effective manner.

So please don’t take chances with fire safety or your liberty and let us work with you to deliver compliance the HFC/Nulogic way.

Read more about the HFC/Nulogic solution here. As always, HFC member organisations receive a preferential rate.

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