Premises Assurance affects most departments of today’s health care. However, as Estates and FM professionals we play a leading part in achieving a successful outcome.

The Department of Health introduced the Premises Assurance Model (PAM) to focus on the process of governance and compliance by drawing the wide range of guidance compliance obligations and best practice documents together and helping focus on areas for improvement. Its core purpose is to create an action plan to deliver higher performance in health care.

Carried out effectively, PAM:

  • Provides a snapshot of the Trust’s status with regard to governance and compliance, providing a robust picture for Estates and Facilities teams and enabling the creation of business cases as well as reporting to Trust Boards and engaging them in the importance of the findings and action plans
  • Identifies shortfalls and a means to address them through a clear Action Plan: done well, this Plan can include an assessment of risks, costs and identify the order of priorities
  • Supported by regular review meetings, it gives Estates and Facilities teams a clearly structured approach to plan and support service improvement throughout their Trust

HFC are on hand to assist you! Most Trusts nominate an individual to act as the project manager, who then draws together a group of staff from multiple disciplines and completes this process, which typically lasts several months. HFC recognises that the estate and its functions perform a significant role in this exercise which is clearly time-consuming in itself so we have developed a range of services for our members to help simplify the process:

Premises Assurance Training – Ofqual Accredited (50% discount for HFC members)
Having recognised that the PAM process is quite lengthy and involved, HFC has partnered with Grovenbridge Academy to introduce a one-day overview course. As the guidance around the completion of the PAM is updated, so is the course to keep it current and relevant to the latest thinking. It is also Ofqual Level 5 accredited (HND/foundation degree), which recognises the need for engagement with Board level of hospital management and is designed to provide a condensed yet thorough overview of the process.

This course has also achieved CELL Awards status, having been accredited by Constructing Excellence in Learning Ltd (CELL), and is also accredited by Ofqual for inclusion in the Register of Regulated Qualifications. The course is also supported by HefmA nationally and Skills for Health, so it carries credibility. As far as we are aware, this course is the only one of its kind in the market with these credentials.

FM Document Exchange (Free to HFC members)
A well-established and popular HFC service, the FM Document Exchange is available to members as part of their membership package and consists of a library of over 330 NHS derived policies, procedures and guidance notes. The idea is simple: why spend a huge amount of time and money writing policies, looking up references and wondering what should be covered, when other NHS organisations have been through the process already and produced a core document that you can readily adapt? The PAM process will help you identify gaps or where policies are out of date – so save time and money by browsing the Document Exchange to source new or replacement policies.

Premises Assurance Consultancy (20% discount to HFC members)
Undertaking a PAM process can be complex, and many busy Trusts may not have the in-house resource to release to carry out the whole process themselves. So, alongside our one-day course we also offer PAM consultancy to help guide Trusts through the PAM process. This consultancy takes two forms:

  • An intensive 5 day programme including a status report of your current position, offered through our partnership with the Birch Foundation who designed their 5-day review and assessment process based on a model developed by Warwick University


  • Extended project management style support to help, advise and guide your Trust management team through the PAM process, offered by Grovenbridge Academy utilising the skills of our experienced course tutor.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you complete the PAM process for your Trust or about HFC membership, please contact us.