This month’s “news shorts” features an update on the Healthcare Estates (IHEEM) Conference, news of our discussions with NAHFO, guidance updates and a potential new partner.

Healthcare Estates (IHEEM) Conference 2015

This year’s IHEEM Conference and Exhibition was held at Manchester Central from 21st to 23rd October and although we didn't have our own exhibition stand we were there supporting one of our partners, NuLogic Fire Limited. NuLogic offer Members high quality fire safety management services including fire risk assessment.

The Conference seemed well attended with a large contingent of exhibitors. NuLogic’s Fire Risk Assessment promotion was well received by all those attending the stand with a wide range of positive comments about the product. Several Trusts were given a brief demonstration and they all asked for follow up events with their teams.

As NuLogic/HFC will be visiting Trusts around the country let us know if you would like a demonstration too and we will let you know when we can visit you. You can contact us via the enquiry form on our website

NAHFO (National Association of Healthcare Fire Officers)

We have continued to talk with NAHFO around the subject of data collection using a standard Fire Risk Assessment template. The most recent was when a selection of NAHFO members met with the NuLogic’s Technical Director to run through their standard template. As a result of seeing the system in action, a number have offered to carry out trial runs to test NuLogic’s existing template and recommend appropriate changes so that the system can really reflect what the NHS needs in practice. More on this in future editions.

New Partners

As you know HFC prides itself on bringing “best in class“ services and products to our Members. We believe we are on to another excellent offer. Performance efficiency is always at the forefront of Members’ objectives, making savings whilst retaining or improving quality.

Energy and utilities is by far the greatest single area of expenditure from the Estates and Facilities Management budget so we are looking at partners who can give genuine savings, improve performance and even help Trusts raise the capital if required. So far our investigations are looking very good and we hope to make a full announcement shortly; it's fair to say we haven't been this optimistic for some while about bringing a new and better approach for the NHS!

HTM05-02 Published

On 18th September 2015, the Department of Health published HTM05-02 “Firecode: Guidance in support of functional provisions (Fire Safety in the design of healthcare premises) (2015 edition)”. The new edition brings the guidance in line with legislation, the structure of the NHS and government policy. Changes also bring it in line with the requirements of Part B, Schedule 1 of the 2010 Building Regulations.

Download guidance - PDF 3.3Mb

NHS patient, visitor and staff car parking principles

Originally published on 23rd August 2014, the Department of Health has published a revised version of their rules for managing car parking in the NHS. This amendment now includes carers as an additional explicit group that are eligible for the provision of concessions. The principles include suggestions for concessions, including for:

  • disabled people
  • people who attend frequent outpatient appointments
  • visitors with relatives who are gravely ill
  • visitors to (and carers of) people who have an extended stay in hospital
  • carers of people in the above groups
  • staff working shifts when no public transport is available
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FM Document Exchange – A problem solved

Those of you who used our popular policies and procedures library, the FM Document Exchange, during the first half of the year are probably aware of a minor technical glitch that occurred during document download. Although this did not prevent access to any documents it did cause the website experience to run a little less smoothly than we would have liked.

We are very happy to say that, after much research, we have been able to identify the cause of the problem and correct it. You should now be able to browse the FM Document Exchange freely and download documents quickly and easily.

Should you experience any problems with this or any other part of the HFC website, please e-mail us and we’ll look into it.