HFC has a partnership arrangement with Grovenbridge Academy (GA), with GA organising a range of training and development courses on our behalf. These courses are specifically designed to meet the business and development needs of NHS colleagues and we offer HFC members a 50% discount on all of our training.

One of our most popular courses is the one-day course on NHS Premises Assurance (PAM). This course will help you and your team understand how you can use PAM in practice, assisting you to meet your responsibilities both at Director level and among the operational staff charged with putting it into action.

Estates and Facilities Management colleagues have the need and opportunity to work with their colleagues across the board to ensure that EFM decisions and investment are fully linked to operational and strategic decisions about how services are provided. Carter and Naylor both stress the value of a greater focus on productivity and making the link to clinical service provision – and this requires a strong understanding of using PAM in practice.

Our NHS Premises Assurance training course will help you and your team understand how you can use the PAM in practice, helping you to meet your responsibilities from Director level down.

HFC members get a 50% discount on all of our training courses - a great return on investment given the costs associated with managing the estate and facilities. We also provide bespoke training at your own venue.

It only costs £300 per delegate and will be of use to everyone involved in the production, use, monitoring and reporting of the essential information set out in the PAM.

About the Course

With the growing importance of the NHS Premises Assurance Model we have developed a new Estates and Facilities Information Management course aimed at informing and empowering the staff that will be required to complete, manage or report on the outcomes of the model. This is a practical course that addresses the core issues of NHS PAM as a Board Governance Reporting tool and is designed to be of benefit to the non E&FM professionals who are required (by the guidance) to be involved in the process as much as the E&FM staff that will be carrying out the work.

The aims of the event are to build:

  • An understanding of the roles and responsibilities in the implementation of NHS PAM within a Trust, including Board Governance
  • Knowledge of information available, skills in extracting it and considering the se of such information in practice, discerning that which is valid for use within NHS PAM
  • An understanding of Key Performance Indicators and their use in Trend Analysis and Peer Review for business/service planning and their application in NHS PAM
  • Ability to review the outputs of NHS PAM and identify possible areas of improvement for implementation within a business plan
  • Capacity in individuals to enable them better to perform their role for the benefit of their employing organisation

During the course we will consider the 5 domains included within NHS PAM and the relationships between them; the involvement of staff at all levels in the process; the impact of Estates and Facilities on safety and clinical services; the information requirements for NHS PAM to be used effectively and the processes to ensure that Board Governance is properly established and maintained thus providing a considerable amount of valuable material in one day.

If you have any questions please e-mail our colleagues at Grovenbridge Academy or call them on 01327 227166.

Did you know that HFC can organise a bespoke NHS PAM course at your venue – saving you and your colleagues time and money, and giving you an even greater focus on your own local needs? E-mail us or call us on 01327 227166 for more information.

Our most recent NHS Premises Assurance courses held in February and March were very well received. Here’s what recent delegates said:

“Very knowledgeable and passionate trainer.”
Facilities Governance Manager, Northern Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust

“Information provided clear, concise and specific to practical use of the NHS PAM”
Compliance Officer, Manchester University NHS FT
“Great overview and application in real life of PAM. Thank you.”
Deputy Director of E&FM, St Helens & Knowsley Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust