Who we are

HFC was first formed in 1996 but its heritage dates back to at least the 1980’s in various forms and under different names.  Our staff have all worked at various levels within the NHS and we understand the pressures of working in Estates and Facilities Management in the healthcare environment.

Indeed, up until April 2009, HFC was owned by the NHS Confederation and, although we are now truly independent, our roots are still firmly in the NHS and healthcare.

What we do

HFC is a specialist company that provides software, information and management support services to managers and professionals working in Facilities, Estates and related functions in the UK health sector.

Access to the full range of HFC member benefits is obtained through an annual membership.  We work as an information and services ‘hub’, providing a link between a range of carefully chosen Facilities Management product and service partners, on the one hand, and member organisations on the other.

We also work collaboratively with a range of other representative and specialist groups involved in or allied to healthcare Facilities Management, including AHCP, BPA, DH, HefmA, HFS, IHEEM, NAHFO, Welsh and Northern Ireland Health Estates and the NHS Confederation.

How we do it

HFC's fundamental role is to help healthcare organisations save money, time and effort in running their Estates and Facilities Management operations by:

  • Centrally sourcing suitable software, information services and other management support services
  • Championing relevant product innovation and development
  • Communicating and promoting information about FM software, products and services available in the market
  • Providing guidance and support with selecting and using FM software and products
  • Helping FM professionals maintain their technical and professional knowledge by providing a range of training, briefing and networking events
  • Our products and services are either part of the HFC membership package or is available at specially discounted rates exclusively for our members.

HFC provides services and activities for the collective benefit of its members balanced with a 'commercial' management culture reflecting the competitive marketplace it operates in.


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