Who we are

HFC was formed in 1996 as a result of the service needing an organisation that could coordinate the various means of measuring works information. It was formed by the service for the service with the board being populated with serving NHS professionals nominated by their peers, however its heritage dates as far back as the 1980s when it was run and managed by senior NHS works officers. As the service adopted the Facilities Management (FM) function and "works" was merged with the other FM services a broader organisation was required. HFC filled that space and was owned by the NHS Confederation until April 2009 when it was allowed to function with the same objectives but as a organisation in its own right.

Our current team have all worked within the Estates and Facilities Management function of the NHS and also with the Department of Health and hence we understand the key issues, opportunities and pressures of working in todays NHS providing cost effective Estates and Facilities Management.

What we do

HFC provides knowledge and support services and a range of tools that enable healthcare Finance, Facilities and Estates managers and professionals to get the most out of their estate, and keep up with emerging trends and requirements.

Access to the full range of HFC services is obtained through an annual membership. We work as an information and services ‘hub’, providing a link between a range of carefully chosen Estates and Facilities Management product and service partners, on the one hand, and member organisations on the other.

We also work collaboratively with a range of other representative and specialist groups involved in or allied to healthcare Estates and Facilities Management, including:

  • The Department of Health (DH)
  • The Health Estates and Facilities Management Association (HefmA)
  • Health Facilities Scotland (HFS)
  • The Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Managers (IHEEM)
  • Building Research Establishment (BRE)
  • Constructing Excellence (CE) – now part of BRE
  • Constructing Excellence in Learning Ltd (CELL) – now part of BRE
  • The British Parking Association (BPA)
  • The National Association of Healthcare Fire Officers (NAHFO)
  • Welsh and Northern Ireland Health Estates
  • The NHS Confederation, and
  • The Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals (AHCP)

How we do it

HFC's fundamental role is to help healthcare organisations save money, time and, where relevant, meet and maintain compliance requirements. Typically, we help members in running their Estates and Facilities Management operations by:

  • Championing relevant product innovation and development
  • Communicating and promoting information about ‘best in class’ software, products and services available in the market
  • Centrally sourcing suitable software, information and management support services
  • Providing guidance and support with selecting and using Estates and Facilities Management products
  • Helping FM professionals maintain their technical and professional knowledge by providing a range of training, briefing and networking events on topical subjects relevant to Estates and Facilities Management

These products and services are either included in our membership package or are available at specially discounted rates exclusively for our members.

HFC provides services and activities for the collective benefit of its members balanced with a 'commercial' management culture reflecting the competitive marketplace in which we operate.

What it costs

As an NHS derived not for profit company our objective is to operate efficiently and manage our costs effectively to keep fees to a manageable level for our members. We do all we can to keep membership fees stable and only increase them should circumstances demand it. Members find that using even one or two of our member benefits and discounts can save them considerable time and money.


1 Year

2 Years
£2,500 pa

3+ Years
£2,000 pa

Membership Benefits:
FM Document Exchange
Annual Benchmarking Summary
Annual Benchmarking Trend Analysis
Discounted Courses
Fire Risk Assessment Discount


To find out more about joining HFC and how these benefits can help you and your organisation, please complete our enquiry form.

We would also be happy to visit you to talk through our range of products and services in more detail. Contact us via our enquiry form to arrange a visit.